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But the energy and excitement for this Universal championship match didn't begin just a few weeks ago.

No, the path to this Fatal 4-Way is a long, intertwined patchwork involving all four participants, with significant history dating back to early 2015.

There's animosity going in every single direction between these four behemoths in the ring, but the central conflict in the middle of it all is Reigns versus Lesnar -- and the unfinished business they have with one another.

Let's take it back to January 2015, when Reigns won the Royal Rumble and got booed out of Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center despite The Rock raising his arm at the close of the show.

trust me, when you're in a ring with a guy and he's that size, he's not supposed to be able to move that fast. It's a whole new world, in that manner."After a lengthy absence post-Wrestle Mania, Lesnar and Heyman have settled right back into the pocket over the past month or so.

And that's the way you feel like when you're in the ring with Lesnar.""Add into that the Jon Jones challenge and everything else, Lesnar doesn't have to get beat here. It's a really cool dynamic that you don't know what is going to happen.""You have four guys in there, all over the 260 mark, everybody in there is agile, and can move, and is fast. These aren't plodding guys lumbering around the ring. Getting into the ring with guys his own size gives Lesnar a lot more to work with, and with three of them in play, expect to see some vintage Lesnar (sorry Michael Cole).

Between the history and animosity among all those combinations, there's more than enough heat to go around.

The Shield rivalry, but this rivalry was truly ignited at Fastlane this past March.As much as the talk about a Lesnar-Jon Jones UFC superfight has grown legs -- and seems especially likely in a world where Mayweather-Mc Gregor is a reality -- Lesnar still has several months of his previous USADA suspension to serve out before he can even think of stepping back into the Octagon.That fight will happen, but emerging from this match with a new rival (or an old one) and starting his path to the Wrestle Mania 34 main event seems the likeliest scenario.Reigns backed an ambulance up at high speed into a trailer a few months later.And still, Strowman wasn't finished with Reigns quite yet.

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Without Lesnar having to rely simply on himself to get through this match, the main event could carry on far longer than his average match.

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